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Metal Injection Molding

M.I.M. technology is the best system to produce metallic components with a very complex structure.

The feedstock, which is a mix of metallic powder and polymeric binder, is injected in a mold using a machine which is similar to the one for plastic injection molding. This gives freedom and flexibility in design that characterize plastic injection molding but, at the end, this gives the opportunity to create metallic components with a high structural complexity. Once the component (green body) has been injected, a treatment to eliminate the binder is needed. The debinding process can be divided into two steps: the first one in hot water and the second one in a furnace for thermal debinding.


The result of the elimination of the polymeric binder is a metallic powder mass (brown body) with the shape of the final component. It is now ready for the final step, sintering, during which the metallic powder mass starts to bond and, at the end, a fully densified metallic component is produced. Thanks to molybdenum or graphite furnaces it is possible to sinter under vacuum, high vacuum and with protective gas atmosphere.
The whole production chain, from mold design to sintering process and quality control, is carried out in the Company’s facilities in order to have a direct dialogue with costumers, especially in the design step. At present, our production is mainly based on austenitic stainless steel AISI 316L, martensitic stainless steel 17-4 PH, and titanium biomedical alloy Ti-6-Al-4V materials.