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The new FLIP nose pad

We are pleased to officially announce the beginning of the production of the first two models of FLIP nose pad.

Alette FLIP

Being introduced during MIDO 2017, FLIP system has been applied on two different nose pad shapes – PLV3K with oval form and PLX5K with square form – and it has the following features:

Noise reduction

Absence of the typical metallic noise thanks to the reduction of the impact between the insert and the pad arm

High stability

The perfect fitting in the pad arm reduces the uncontrolled movement of the pad, improving the perceived glasses’ quality


Thanks to this system, the nose pad always keeps the right position

No slipping off

FLIP system prevents the insert from being slipped off, because it is entirely covered by the overmolding material

No unscrewing

The screw used to fix the nose pad to the pad arm is screwed in the soft material, preventing unscrewing

Thickness reduction

The construction of this type of nose pad allows to obtain a thinner thickness compared to the standard one

Should you need further information about shape and personalization, do not hesitate to contact us.

silconplastic-The new FLIP nose pad

download the brochure in pdf